For Students



A man by the name Mark Twain once said :

” I never let my schooling interfece with my education.”

It is said that a child educated only in school is an uneducated child.

What does that mean ?

It means that true education is not merely learned through a textbook .

And the way you prove that one understands something is not merely through a test.

This is the old way.

The chalk and talk way. The way of memorizing facts and dates then talking a test and then forgetting about them a week later.

What good does that do ?

A man by the name of Howard Gardner came up with the theory of multiple intelligences.

He said that there are auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, people that learn through touch, people that learn through stories. see we all have different gifts and strenghts and to create an educational system where only one type of learning is preferred is absurd.

Not only unfair, but it sacrifices the god-given abilities of students and the good of the world.

The best advice I could give a student is figure out how YOU learn.

Just because you fail a test, doesn’t mean you’re “slow”

Just because you’re having a hard time understanding something doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Because there are no bad students, only inflexible teachers.

Yeah I went there.

In the 3rd grade my teacher wanted to hold me back. She said I was “slow”. And they are not going to like me saying this but when I was growing up my parents thought that I had mental disabilities.

No! I just wasn’t understanding in the way that they were teaching.

A few years ago I graduated Magna Cum Laude Honors, with my degree in Anthropology.

The same man who took us to the moon, Wernher Von Braun, failed math class TWICE.

See, nobody is “slow”.

But the secret is, you must figure out how YOU learn. And learn EVERYTHING you can about what you love.

And I promise, Life will become a lot easier.

*posted by Prince Ea (fb)



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