My Classmates

Yeay !



Hi 🙂 It’s been a long day i dont open and post something in this wordpress.. Im really busy this year .. So, paham-paham la yer 😀

For this entry, i want to tell you about my friend . Actually not really my friendlah because i know him until standard 3 only and then he went to another school ..

Okay actually the main story is about his eyes .. FYI he has a pair of small eyes just like me . Ahaks .. But i think his eyes are more likely as Chinese’s eyes and my eyes are small and just like sleepy .. There is a different between small and sleepy eyes and chinese’s eyes okay ..

Bu i am kind of happy when he came to BRASS and would sit in my class for fortnight ..  Not because he is my crush or i like him okay .. Dont think too negative . Im just innocent 😀 lol . It is because i have a gang who is the same species like me . (I think species is too rude -_-)

U know , i have small eyes and my friend too .. So we are in the same gang .. I think, in BRASS i had NEVER seen a person with small eyes or just me who do not notice it ??

Okay thats all ..

Bye Assalamualaikum .



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