Friendship Forever Until Jannah



Assalamualaikum. Hai again :3

Hao jiu bu jian. How your day? I hope it will be more okay than yesteryday.

So, you had read the topic for this time right?

I guarantee that there must be a lots of questions inside your smart and big brain right? such as

  • Why the author write this topic ?
  • What is the topic about ?
  • Is this topic has related with the author’s life ?

First of all, I will give you the meaning of friend and bestfriend

Friend is common. Means like all people in this world is our friends. But bestfriend is special. Only some people can accept our ridiculous behaviour, right ?

For your information, i have many bestfriends which are half of them are my classmates.

Why i said that ?

Because i had knew them all since form 1 and this year im form 3. So it’s been 2 years i know them. Their birthdays, their way of talk and their attitude are all inside my mind ( not all actually ) . Thus, there are many things that happened during the two years we were together that makes our friendship closer.

Actually im really melancholy because this is the last year we could together. Next year, we will split according to our PT3 result .

Im very hope that our friendship will not be separated forever ever and ever til Jannah Aamiin 😀

And for all my classmates, i hope we all can help each other peacefully without create any chaos this year cause bak kata pepatah :

“Kita Cemerlang Bersama , Kita Naik Pentas Bersama” – MJ –

Lastly, i sincerely hope that all my classmates of 3 cendekia 2016 will get 11A in PT3 Aamiin In Shaa Allah. Tu es toujours dans mon coeur ❤


P/S : Sorry for the broken english. Sebenarnye aku pun tak tahu ape yang aku melalut dalam ni. -_- Sorry . Mianhae . Aasiif . `

Merci for reading. Au revoir. Assalamualaikum 🙂


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