Couple or Married ?

S.T.O.P !


Assalamualaikum . Hi 😀

We meet again today. So how your weekends day? I hope your weekends will be alright.

Okay, Let’s continue to our main tittle .

Every human in this world of course have at least one people that they like or love right ? Including me of course. Haha

But, as Muslims

We must control our heart for not to tell that you like him not until you get married. Because

” Bercinta SELEPAS nikah is sweeter than Bercinta SEBELEUM nikah”.

I dont know why many people today are like to couple than be a limited edition like me. In my opinion, couple is FAKE because when we couple, of course we will try to ‘ jaga cara percakapan and perangai kita’ when with our partner right ? Sampai ada pepatah :

“Masa bercouple pun, kentut pun bunyi wangi” -pft-

I thing the pepatah is right. And untill youre get married, you will see the real behaviour of your partner. That time, you will know kentut tu bau wangi ke tak. So, my advice is please stop bercouple without hubungan yang halal before its tooo late.

And if you are one of the people who is still trying to forget someone, fortunately today im sooo kind to give you some tips to forget someone :

  • First step is believe. Believe that Allah has better plans for you and someone will come into your life, someday. Have faith.
  • Second, “Jangan ajar hati suka orang, jangan ajar hati berpaut pada yang belum halal”
  •  Third, perbanyakkan ingat mati dan ingat Allah dengan perbanyakkan zikir. ” Subhanallah , Alhamdulillah , Allahuakbar “
  • Fourth, sibukkan diri dengan macam-macam kerja. Jangan asyik memikirkan dia yang belum tentu jodoh kita.
  • Cara yang terbaik adalah HADIRKAN CINTA ALLAH mendahului makhluk. Baru saat itu Allah akan kurniakan cinta yang halal buat kita.
  • Tanamkan dalam diri, aku boleh berubah lillahitaala. Allah sentiasa ada untuk sokong dalam jatuh dan bangun aku.

Thats some tips that i can give you. Actually, im just copy paste it from ws group. Did you know that :


Ayat di atas sudah terang lagi bersuluh yang Allah dah cipta kita berpasang-pasangan. So, why you are still looking for your partner ? If she or he is your REAL partner, so she or he will come to you in the right time . Be patient okay 😉

Thats all from me :3

Sorry because i write it in manglish. Im toooooo lazy to translate it.

P/S : *actually,i even dont know what im talking about -_-

Xie xie for reading. K bye. Assalamualaikum


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